The Brazilian Policy of Irrigated Perimeters and its Major Developments in Ceará
Antonia Vanessa Silva Freire Moraes Ximenes, Aldiva Sales Diniz

The present article aims to reflect on the Brazilian policy of irrigated perimeters pointing its main unfolding and considering those situated in Ceará, since this federative unit is the one with the greatest number of projects. Throughout the text it is possible to understand which projects are derived from this public policy created in 1970 ending up in changes which meet capitalist needs oriented to the Brazilian market, being directed to the development of capital and market relations of agribusiness, which becomes an instrument for the establishment of irrigation targets and due to the state's neoliberalism, has been resumed since 1990, with other taxpayers being detrimental to the collective good.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jges.v7n1a8