Effect of Political Processes on Demographic Development of Georgia
M. Putkaradze, L. Putkaradze

Demographic development of any country is a complex process related to many changes realized in the society and to political processes among them. The goal of the research is to determine peculiarities of demographic development due to political processes in the independent Georgia. The issue is rather urgent in a view point of the fact that the territorial integrity of the country is destroyed due to political processes and demographic situation has been deteriorated as well. Population decreased from 5,45 million to 3,73 million in the independent Georgia in 1991-2015. As a result of research the main reasons of the reduction of population were the political processes. In addition, natural growth rate dropped down as a result of deterioration of social-economic conditions and emigration became active due to compulsive migration. Improvement of the demographic situation is possible by restoring territorial integrity of the country, political stabilization and implementation of demographic policy. A lot of countries have demographic problems deteriorated as a result of political processes but the studies in this direction are less likely to be conducted. Therefore, studying the problem on the example of Georgia will be both, cognitive and applied at the same time.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jges.v6n2a4