Profiling the Characteristics of Squatter Settlements in Jabi District, Federal Capital City, Abuja, Nigeria
Ezeamaka, C.K; Daful, M.G2; Oyetunji, A.B

The study aimed at examining the characteristics of squatter settlements in Jabi District, Abuja. It main objective was to update knowledge on the characteristics of squatter settlements in Abuja. The magnitude of socio-economic, environmental and health factors of these settlements on the squatters were considered. The study evaulated the characteristics of squatter settlement in Jabi using evaluation criterion such as living condition of the squatters and its impact on settlers. The study observed that 24% of the respondents use pit toilets in their houses while 40% agreed to open defecation. 26% agreed to using of commercial toilets within the settlements and 10% have water system toilets in their houses. For waste collection and disposal, 15.1% of the household had waste-bins while 45.1% agreed to discharge their waste by open dumping. 20% of the households agreed to discharging the waste into gutter/drainage and 19.8% agreed to burn the waste. 91.7% of the settlers agreed that the AEPA does not carry out any form of sanitation or remove their waste.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jges.v6n2a3