Fog: Its Causes, Types, and Dangers in Saudi Northern Borders (A Climatic Study)
Dr. Motirh Kueetm Al-Mutairi

The current study investigates the recurrence of fog phenomenon in Northern Borders area of Saudi Arabia according to the Synoptic International Scale in terms of its types, causes, and the annual, seasonal, and monthly recurrence. The study also classifies the climate conditions co-occurring with the formation of fog in the area, as well as the potential traffic and health risks ensuing. For data resources, the researcher relies on the monthly weather data of climate phenomenon in Northern Borders in the areas of Tiraifand Arar in the period 2000- 2015. The study adopts the descriptive-analytic approach and some statistical models for achieving the aims of the research.The research findings indicated that fogs in Tiraif occur most in the months of December and January, whereas in Ararfog occurs in November and February, the matter that led to numerous health and traffic problems in the area. Hence, the research recommends that the authors concerned take the measures and precautions required for dealing with accidents resulting from the fog.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jges.v4n2a5