The impacts of urban sprawl on soil sealing of Feira de Santana through comparative analysis of satellite image classification
Caio Macieira de Almeida Aguilar, Rosângela Leal Santos

Soil sealing in large urban centers and their effects on the environment and society is increasingly present in cities. This study aims to analyze the soil sealing process of Feira de Santana due to urban expansion. The Bahian municipality is the second largest population in the state, has a relatively flat topography and lacks studies to guide urban planning to promote environmental education and the implementation of urban sanitation. The collection of satellite images of the urban area of the city was utilized for dereferencing, through segmentation and classification of the images and a statistical analysis of the data was accomplished through spatial analysis. The modeling and image processing were performed by GIS SPRING software. This research sought to portray the area’s most affected by the waterproofing of the soil and other areas within the city that are in the process of waterproofing due to urban growth for the classification of satellite images..

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jges.v4n2a3