Experiential Tourism: The Strategic Role of the Factory Outlet Centre for the Development and Attractiveness of the Destination
Cavuta G., Di Matteo D.

The combination of fashion-tourism is one of the concepts emerging in the ranks of the strategies of territorial attraction. In recent years there has been a widespread distribution of factory outlet centers, places that are not just a multichanneling alternative to the dis-intermediation and distribution of fashion products, but a real and concrete attraction opportunity towards those tourism catchment areas moved by glamour and trends light motive. These facilities – located above all in suburban areas than in urban centers – are increasingly taking the contours of real fashion resorts: inside them, the tourist has the opportunity to buy clothes of known brands at an affordable price and also, through appropriate diversifying strategies by the marketing management of the outlet, it has at its disposal a wide range of extended products and services to be enjoyed, in addition to the core product, identified in this case as clothing and accessories.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jges.v3n1a4