Perception the Rainfall Series through the Population the Palma City in the Period of 1984/2013
José M Torrens Calleja

The present study is based on the perception of the human population on the island of Majorca (Spain), mainly in the capital of Palma. The event to consider is the perception and reality of the phenomenon of rainfall. The main objective of this work is to distinguish the dichotomy between the percepction subjective personal and objective reality climate. The climate is important in the economy of the Balearic Islands in the sectors of tourism, environment, outdoor recreation and agriculture. The methodology consists of interviews, climatic series and statistical analysis. The surveys are based on aspects of spatial, temporal and quantitative rainfall. Rainfall is variable at different scales of days, months, seasonal and annual. Statistical analysis shows the results between human knowledge and climatic series. Sometimes there is disagreement between the myths and the real climate, while other times such myths which occur are perceived. The results support that perception is different from reality. It is important to state that our perception of climate depends on our prior information and knowledge of the physical environment and its study is essential to investigate climate change.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jges.v3n1a2