Assessment of Urban Heat Island (Uhi) Situation in Douala Metropolis, Cameroon
Enete, I.C; Awuh, M.E; Ikekpeazu, F.O

The microclimate variations at several sites in Douala Metropolis were evaluated using paired measurement programme (PMP). The study investigated the spatial extent of urban heat island (UHI) in the city. Temperature varied between land-use and land –cover within the city. Result revealed that a downtown centred heat island was observed at night in both dry and rainy seasons; while there was a mix of cool and heat islands by day especially during rainy seasons. The daytime variations were strongly correlated to the amount of tree shading. During the night, city climate was highly correlated to sky-view factors and thermal properties in Douala Metropolis. It was observed too that temperature gradient was formed at the Central Business District (CBD) in both day and night and progressively lowered to the suburbs.

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