An Evaluation of Transport Infrastructure in Lagos State, Nigeria
Atubi, Augustus .O.
Journal of Geography and Earth Science, 1(1), 09-18.

The need to sustain the growth and development of human settlement and their economies, among user things, makes it partly imperative for the transport sector to be very responsive to different forces that affect transport planning, operations and management. Among these forces are the ownership and control structure of transport infrastructure and services, level of investment in various transport modes (air, maritime, rail, inland water and road), degree of inter-modal coordination, rate of response to transport technological changes, especially in respect of international transport, extent of obsolescence or modernization of the transport system, ability to adapt to changing transport supply – demand pattern and the state of the economy.

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Atubi, Augustus .O. (2013). An Evaluation of Transport Infrastructure in Lagos State, Nigeria. Journal of Geography and Earth Science, 1(1), 09-18, 01-08

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Atubi, Augustus .O. holds the B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in Geography from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is an Associate Professor at the Delta State University, Abraka. Dr. Atubi is a specialist in Urban Transportation Planning, Road Traffic Accident Analysis and Transport Policy Impact Analysis. He is an erudite scholar and researcher of repute. He has wide knowledge of the scientific framework for transportation modelling in inter-city and inter-country transport service provision and networking. He has since been teaching courses both at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels of the Department of Geography and Regional Planning, Delta State University, Abraka. Dr. Atubi has contributed on several occasions fundamental issues relating to transport policies and guidelines.
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